Meet YourHealth

Born out of a personal health experience, YourHealth was designed with a person-first approach to assist people in confronting the challenge of managing their health and wellness.

Started by Jennifer Devening, a cancer warrior and a technology executive, she experienced first-hand the inability to manage multiple doctors, patient portals, changes in medications and too many medical records to count. This was the inspiration for YourHealth™.

At YourHealth, we have designed a solution for you to build your own personal health management system that puts you in charge of your health journey at any stage of life. YourHealth is committed to building an organization that always puts people first. We hold ourselves accountable to our core values:


Conviction to challenge the status quo, hold each other accountable and stand up for a people first driven healthcare.


Acknowledgement to respect diverse people, partners and colleagues.


Resolve to always empower people and strive for positive outcomes.


Endeavor to always make healthcare easier for people.