YourHealth Could Save Your Life

You are always in control with YourHealth. You decide whom to trust with access to your summarized critical care.  The YourHealth application provides 3 distinct levels of care, instantly access through your personalized QR Codes. First, your medical condition and needs. Next, your assigned Care Champion ensures that your personal needs and directives are followed. Finally, your Neighbors are informed of daily tasks around the home when you can’t act. With this level of personalized care, you, medical professionals, your loved ones, and caregivers, all are informed and understand how to act on all your needs and desires.

Critical care instructions and summarized health records have never been more important if you end up in a hospital emergency room. Each year, 130 million people in the US will make an emergency room visit. The number of medical errors, complications, and infections in hospitals is frightening. According to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, researchers estimate over 680 people a day die from these breakdowns in hospitals and validate why medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.  

We all experience some kind of medical need that runs the gamete from routine updates to injuries to managing chronic illnesses.  In all of these situations, YourHealth applications and QR Codes are there to ensure everyone is prepared upfront with potentially lifesaving information that you control and can be accessed when time matters the most.